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2017 研究助成プログラム Research Grant Program   [ (A)共同研究助成   ]

地域社会における「地域継続計画(CCP: Community Continuity Planning)」構築のデザイン構想
Designing the Concept of "Community Continuity Planning (CCP)" for Disaster Recovery  


Abstract of Project Proposal

本企画の目的は、「2016年熊本地震」において機能をした企業におけるリスク管理手法である事業継続計画(BCP: Business Continuity Planning)の知見を援用した、「地域継続計画(CCP: Community Continuity Planning)」の構築を行うことである。
 The purpose of this project is to construct "Community Continuity Planning (CCP)" in the local community by utilizing Business Continuity Planning (BCP) at private companies that have performed well in the Kumamoto Earthquake in 2016. 
 In the Kumamoto earthquake, disorder occurred in the area, disparity in distribution of water and/or food among evacuation centers, moreover there were information disparity among disaster victims. For example, there was a situation in which sufficient information was not provided to residents who was not involved the neighborhood association. 
 One of the reasons is that there is no community continuity plan (CCP) in emergency. Another reason is a disaster prevention plan at the level of designation of evacuation sites and development of emergency contact networks, even if it is formulated, there are cases where it is not a plan for restoration and reconstruction. 
 Therefore, in this project, university researchers belonging to universities in Kumamoto prefecture or living in Kumamoto Prefecture will conduct surveys on municipalities, school districts, districts, etc. in Kumamoto prefecture. Then, we will organize the current issues, multifaceted from the viewpoint of accounting, humanities geography and community sociology, and build a regional continuity plan (CCP) utilizing the knowledge of BCP.


Summary of Final Report


1 研究の概要


2 活動内容





3 成果



4 研究活動の評価と残された課題


1 Outline of the study
 This research project was launched in response to the "2016 Kumamoto Earthquake". Until then, several of our members have been conducting research on the social understanding and dissemination of business continuity plans (BCPs), which serve as a basis for early recovery from the disaster, mainly in the private sector. This study is conducted in collaboration with experts in regional sociology, human geography, and other fields, based on an awareness of the possibility of applying the findings of BCP to disaster prevention and post-disaster recovery to a wider range of local communities.
2 Activities
(1) Research workshops: We received many rich information provided by guests not only but our members.
(2) Research activities: On-site surveys mainly in the disaster area and surveys of relevant administrative and research institutions.
(3) Seminars, etc.: Seminars for corporate executives and citizens.
3 Results.
 A variety of findings are obtained from the research activities in Japan and abroad. Based on the experiences of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake (1995), the Niigata-Chuetsu Earthquake (2004), and the Great East Japan Earthquake (2011), we are able to learn about the progress of practice and research on disaster prevention, recovery, and reconstruction in Japan, and to discuss policy making and management through relevant administrative agencies. In other countries, through research in Taiwan and Italy, we learned that the time it takes to recover and the amount of resources that can be invested are strongly influenced by economic priorities. In addition, we learned a lot from the superiority of the facilities and environment of the evacuation centers used immediately after a disaster, as seen in Italy and other countries.
4 Evaluation and Remaining Issues
 At the beginning of the project, we set seven research themes. Of these, the definition of the CCP and the procedure for developing it were almost completed. On the other hand, some themes have not been able to finish and deliver results in the period. Discussions with the authority on the formulation of a CCP for Kumamoto City were scheduled to begin in January 2020. However, due to the impact of COVID-19, there has been a significant reduction and cessation of activity, and no progress has been made at this time. However, we plan to resume this activity once we see some improvement in the situation.



2017 研究助成プログラム Research Grant Program   【(A)共同研究助成  】
助成番号(Grant Number)
題目(Project Title)
地域社会における「地域継続計画(CCP: Community Continuity Planning)」構築のデザイン構想
Designing the Concept of "Community Continuity Planning (CCP)" for Disaster Recovery  
工藤 栄一郎 / Eiichiro Kudo
Department of Commerce, Seinan Gakuin University
助成金額(Grant Amount)